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Big Talk - Big Sister Stephanie!

Here's what Stephanie has to say on Big Talk 



1. Why did you decide to become a Big?  I saw a really inspiring video online about someone whose life was vastly improved because they had a mentor. That really hit me that, wow, I could be that for somebody too. I got online immediately and found BBBS and a couple of weeks later I met my Little Sister Hazel!

2. Most enjoyable/fun thing about being a Big? I found out before our first outing that Hazel loved Taylor Swift, so I bought Taylor's 1989 CD. Hazel loved it, and now it's our routine that every time we drive she gets to play DJ in the back and request songs and then we sing along together. She's just so girly and funny and adorable, and it's so nice to have a little mini that loves to do the same fun things that I enjoy.



3. What surprised you most about being a Big/the process/experience as a whole? The most surprising thing was how easy the whole process has been! Hazel is my first and only Little, so I don't have a previous situation to compare ours to, but I can't imagine our match going any more smoothly than it already does. Hazel's dad Michael is just as awesome as she is, and our Match Support Specialist, Marianna is great too. I feel like we all make a really great team!

4. Talk about your Little – their personality, your friendship, and what types of things you do together... I feel like Hazel is my mini me! When I got the call that Hazel was going to be my Little, I remember thinking how crazy it was that we had so much in common! One of our first outings was going to a Werner Park Omaha StormChasers baseball game and she was on board with wearing matching baseball shirts in public, so I knew she was the right Little for me! :) She is full of energy and always so happy and funny. We always have such a good time together! One of my favorite outings so far was when we went to Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. We got to feed and pet stingrays, ride the carousel, and just enjoy a beautiful day walking around and seeing all of the animals. Hazel loves arts and crafts, and I volunteer with Little White Dog Rescue, so Hazel came with me to one of the volunteer's houses and we spent the afternoon painting beds for rescue dogs. I also love having Hazel come hangout at my house! We spent a really fun day painting and baking cookies and gardening. We also had a blast at the Winter Carnival on Sunday! It was so much fun to decorate cupcakes and play bingo and Hazel was so excited that she got a Berenstein Bears book! I am getting married in January, so the next outing that I'm very excited about is having Hazel come with me for my wedding dress fitting. It's just so wonderful to have such an adorable Little to spend time with!
5. Someone’s on the fence about being a Big…why do it? The better question is, why not? Being a Big has been one of the most rewarding experience of my entire life! Hazel and I have had so many great memories and fun times together so far, and I'm so excited about the future! The idea that spending a few hours with a child every month could have such a positive impact on their life is such a cool thing to think about. I absolutely love my Little and the perfect Little for you is out there, so just go for it and have as much fun as we do! :)



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