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Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Midlands is asking the community to step up and become mentors. The agency's waiting list of kids ready to be matched with a Big Brother, Big Sister or Big Couple has grown to 115 throughout the summer.

Meanwhile, the number of potential volunteer mentors to pair with the kids is low, resulting in many having to wait several months for the right mentor to come into their life. Some boys have had to wait up to eight months to a year for the right mentor.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Midlands feels now is the perfect time to learn more and sign up to be a mentor. Our community's kids are heading back to school, which means new friends, teachers and experiences. For some kids, new experiences can sometimes be scary and negative. Peer pressure can influence kids to get involved with things they shouldn’t be involved in, and some kids might not have another positive adult in their life outside of their parent or guardian.

This is where our Big Brother, Big Sister and Big Couple volunteer mentors can make an impact in a child's life. These positive friendships help guide a young person through the sometimes exciting and sometimes scary experiences that come with growing up. The one-to-one friendships are necessary in helping to change the way our community's children are growing up.

Help us spread the word about the need for more mentors! To sign up for an Information Session click here or call 402-505-3075.


Interested in being a Big Brother or Big Sister?


How old do I have to be to be a mentor?
At least 19 years old and be a high school graduate.

How do you select my Little?
You will be match based off your preferences, similar interests and personality.

How do me and my Little meet?
It is your responsibility to pick the Little up from their home. A valid driver's license and car insurance is required.

How often do I see my Little?
Two to four times a month for two hours based off your and the Little's schedule. (We ask for a twelve month commitment.)

Can my children go on outings with me and my Little?
Yes but we ask that there be a six month waiting period so you and your Little can get to know each other better.


Interested in being a Big Couple?


Do we have to be married to be a Big Couple?
We only require that you are currently in a committed relationship for at least three years.

Do we get to select whether we want to mentor a little boy or girl?
We match all our Big Couples with Little Brothers because there are more boys on our waiting list.

What if only one of us can make it to an outing?
That is no problem, we understand things can come up.


Interested in other ways to get involved? Click here to learn how you can make an impact in your community.

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