Why We Work at BBBS

By Carlie Boswell, Enrollment and Match Coordinator


As an Enrollment and Match Coordinator, I interview children and volunteers who apply for our program. I enjoy getting to know people and love asking questions about what is important to a volunteer or child enrolling in our program so that we can create the best possible connection between a mentor and a mentee.


“I came to work for Big Brothers Big Sisters because the mission aligned with my passion for helping women and children. I have stayed at Big Brothers Big Sisters for 13 years because I know the impact we’re making through our stories and our outcome tracking and I get to work with the most incredible team of employees, volunteers, families, and donors. We have fun together and ignite the potential of amazing youth…what could be better?” – Nichole Turgeon, CEO


When I applied for a position at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Midlands, I was thinking about myself. While community involvement has been the main focus in my career decisions, my application was selfish. I thought about what it could bring into my life. Then, without warning, I found myself immersed in the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Big Brothers Big Sisters has shown me the overwhelming power of investing in kids. I have seen bonds grow between strangers, held back tears hearing the stories of mentorship, and jumped around the office in excitement after finding the right Big for a Little who has been waiting.


“Before I worked for Big Brothers Big Sisters, I felt like a spectator in the community. I watched people around me trying to improve the community through volunteering, fundraising for good causes, helping the less fortunate, and just trying to make Omaha a better place, in general. Since I started working here, I feel like I am actually part of the community and I am helping to build those bridges and make those connections in the community. BBBS is a microphone through which we can amplify our voices for positive change.” – Danny Oliver, Match Support Specialist


Looking back I can appreciate the mentors I have had; the adults who ignited my potential. Simple time and attention from people who wanted to see me succeed was a catalyst for the positive steps I have taken in my life. Seeing what Big Brothers Big Sisters has brought into the lives of the children and volunteers we serve cements the appreciation I have for my mentors.


“I get the privilege of working someplace that I love, with passionate and dedicated people, doing work that I see firsthand is worthwhile. It’s not always possible to measure the impact a Big can have on a Little but showing up and being consistent is a powerful thing. Littles may not embrace every experience with their Big but when they have someone in their life they can count on, they know it and they’ll remember that.” – Genevieve White, Match Support Manager


Being a part of this team and seeing the impact a mentor makes in a child’s life, is why I am thrilled to say I work here. While I do not like to say I sought out this agency for selfish reasons, it’s undeniable that working with an encouraging and caring team that genuinely wants to see success in the community has brought immeasurable joy to my life.

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