A Fresh Look for a Familiar Name

Igniting, Empowering, Defending Potential

By Brad Kirshenbaum, Director of Marketing & Recruitment


Hello again everyone! It is your friendly neighborhood Marketing Director here to tell you about the exciting new changes that just went live last week at Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies across the world. That’s right, we serve kids all around the world.

Yet, despite over a century of providing mentoring to kids, the past 10 years have shown us that fewer and fewer people know about Big Brothers Big Sisters and our mission. The numbers are actually pretty shocking:

  • 89% of people could not identify our logo.
  • 43% of people thought we were an adoption agency based upon our logo.
  • 61% of people thought the child in our old logo was between 4-6 years old. (SPOILER ALERT: The youngest kids we serve are 7 years old.)

Our brand had even worse recognition amongst the group we have the greatest need for mentors: males.

So, like any great organization, we adapted.

It’s not just about the look. It’s about how we think about what we do. We are not saviors, we are allies.  We are cultivating the potential that already exists in each of our Littles. The new logo may be a B at first glance, but it tells the story of our matches. The lower case ‘b’ is the mark of our Littles, supported by their parents/guardians and our agency, while the upper arc creates the intersection between Bigs and the potential of our Littles. We ignite their potential. We clear the path for their biggest possible futures.

We are nothing without our Littles and the support systems around them. Separate we are good, together we are unstoppable.

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