Meet Some of Our Waiting Littles

By Carlie Boswell, Enrollment and Match Coordinator


One of the best parts of my job is meeting the Littles enrolling in the program. I get the chance to sit down with kids individually and get to know them. Their laughter, excitement and personalities shine through during their interviews.

Today, we have 126 Little Brothers and Little Sisters waiting for a mentor. When I began working at Big Brothers Big Sisters, a coworker told me that there is a mentor for every child, regardless of who they are. We hold onto that when working towards finding the right Big for a Little.

I met Ryan* this summer and was immediately taken by his upbeat and hilarious personality. He was quick to show me new dance moves and the different types of flips he can do on a trampoline. Ryan is an intelligent and comical 9 year-old. I have never met a kid so comfortable in his own skin. He loves dancing, karate and really wants to learn how to play the drums. Ryan wants a Big Brother who is funny and energetic. He is a happy-go-lucky kid who is always on the go and looks forward to spending time with someone like him. 

Jane* is a funny, positive and straight forward 12 year-old. She has worked hard in school to get good grades and excels in math. She has been described as an artistic, creative and enthusiastic kid. Jane wants to become a detective when she is older, loves to play volleyball and is very close with her family. She wants to be matched with a Big Sister who is outgoing, funny and interested in a bunch of different sports. Jane looks forward to going to new places and trying a bunch of new activities.

Ryan and Jane are just two of the many Littles we have waiting to be matched. Children can never have enough people supporting them. After 12 months in our program, current Littles have shown positive increases in the following: 90% of our Littles have maintained or improved their grades, 94% have reported improved confidence in school, 94% have reported disapproval of risky behaviors and 98% feel they are socially accepted. Mentors are friends, advocates and defenders. Four hours a month and you could help a youth in our community become a future leader. Every child has the potential to do amazing things…you could be just the person they need to ignite their potential.

To learn more about mentoring, please contact us at 402-505-3075.

*Names changed to protect identity.

Pictures are of current Littles from around the country, not of actual waiting Littles.

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