By Stacy Peters, Big Sister


Fun, Meaningful & Memorable…

…These are the type of experiences I hope to create for my Little Sister, Asja. They can’t be measured in a tangible or material way, yet they have a fulfilling and long-lasting effect. That is why I became a Big. I wanted to give generously in a supportive, encouraging manner that also allowed me to create a personal connection with someone. Big Brothers Big Sisters provided the perfect opportunity for me to do just that.

Going through the initial interview process, I felt a little nervous. But otherwise, I had no hesitation about joining the program and was more than excited to meet the Little that BBBS would match me with. BBBS matches Bigs and Littles based on interests and works diligently to ensure matches connect with each other by supporting them each month. My Little and I hit it off right away, but it still took about a year for us to really settle into a comfort zone with each other.

Asja was just seven years old when we were matched. Since then, she has become a better listener, is more patient and well-behaved and has learned that I am someone she can trust. Currently, I would describe our relationship as rock-solid, and Asja will tell you we are BFFs!

Convers“ASJA”ns (Conversations with Asja)

Asja and I are always discussing things we want to do together; next week or several years from now. We love attending free activities setup by BBBS, spending time outdoors and doing anything creative. After being matched nearly three years now, we have also established some traditions. On our match anniversary, we recreate our first get-together. At Christmas, we make ornaments, drink hot-chocolate and drive around looking at Christmas lights. We love trying new things and sometimes even tackle homework.

I really value the time we spend together driving to and from activities. This is when Asja and I have some of our best talks. Countless convers“ASJA”ns begin with Asja saying to me, “And guess what?” It’s then that we talk about a whole spectrum of topics from silly to serious. She continuously surprises me with her creativity and compassion. It’s a great time for us to listen, laugh and learn. Then we laugh some more.

And Guess What?

That isn’t even the half of it. Becoming a Big has truly enriched my life experience. The BBBS organization has far exceeded any of my expectations. The program provides regular match support, offers training, facilitates quality events and activities and more. Each year, I even receive a phone call from a Board Member thanking me for the time I spend volunteering with BBBS.

Be someone who commits to making a positive impact in a child’s life. Be willing to contribute to the benefit and well-being of a Little. Be rewarded in ways you can’t anticipate. #beabig

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