Why I Bowl

By Carlie Boswell, Enrollment and Match Coordinator

Bowl for Kids’ Sake is essential to the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters. It is our signature fundraiser and is a great way for individuals to positively influence the community. Individuals team up to fundraise and we throw a bowling party at the end as a thank you and celebration for your fundraising effort! Don’t worry, no bowling skills are required.

When I first started at Big Brothers Big Sisters, I loved that fundraising was not one of my main responsibilities. And then Bowl for Kids’ Sake came up. Our office was so excited when talking about it! I tried to hide in the back of our pep rallies and avoided the topic around the office. The day our first session started I was anxious and worried about what exactly I had signed up to be doing. All of my coworkers were talking about past sessions and how much they laughed during them. Everyone seemed to lighten up when they talked about this experience that was scaring me.

People started filling the bowling alley. Twenty minutes into the first session I had forgotten all of my anxiety and was having fun! It really was a party! The night was full of music, hilarious costumes, laughs, excellent (and pitiful) bowling scores and so much positive energy. So many teams told me stories of how they have been fundraising and bowling with us for years. They loved to talk about all the positives they have seen from Big Brothers Big Sisters and we couldn’t thank them enough for their support.

Last year, I was able to be a VIP server at several of the sessions. When teams raise $1,200 or more they become a VIP. This comes with huge perks! As VIP servers we brought everyone’s drinks, food, and prizes to their table. While our staff tended to their pizza and beer needs, bowlers were able to continue having fun with their friends the entire time. $1,200 is a significant number that supports our matches during the year so it’s our way of thanking them even more!

This year I am throwing myself into it. I am reaching out to friends and family to get them involved too. I never thought I would be stoked to be fundraising! I am looking forward to the party that is approaching fast! As cliché as it is to say this, if I can do it, anyone can so make sure to get your bowling team together today!

Contact Lauren Mohatt, Events Manager at 402-905-3331 or [email protected] to get involved and join the fun.

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