One Day Creates HUGE Impact

By Brendan Flanagan, Board Member & Lauren Mohatt, Events Manager

Big Brothers Big Sisters is fortunate to have Brendan Flanagan as a valued member of our organization, both as a Big Brother and board member. Brendan and his Little have been matched for five years now. In addition to becoming a mentor in our program, he committed even more of his time to take on a board role. We are so grateful for his continued support!

I found out about the Omaha Gives! campaign a couple months after moving to Omaha and was astounded by the universal support and excitement surrounding the annual giving day.  I remember a new coworker of mine stopped by my office and asked if I planned to participate. Without hesitation, I responded “Of course I am!”  Later, after Googling to find out what I had blindly agreed to, I was impressed by not only the simplicity of the purpose of Omaha Gives! but also by its breadth of impact.

Since then, I’ve come to learn more about the Omaha community and better understand the need for the Omaha Gives! platform.  Omaha is very fortunate to have such a committed and generous support system.  After living here for five years, I still find myself amazed by the pride of the community and the efforts of those who support it.  I now realize that Omaha Gives! is simply a way to unite that support.

Every year, I create a “Cheer Page” through Omaha Gives! to highlight organizations I’m passionate about and involved in.  Omaha Gives! has grown over the years to reach almost 1,000 nonprofits.  By creating a Cheer Page, I’m able to share my experiences and the value I’ve witnessed firsthand in those groups.  This provides my friends, family and coworkers an opportunity to not only support those organizations in need, but also to support me and my passions.  This, of course, only motivates me to give more, which helps strengthen the cycle of giving and support in the Omaha community. 

I look forward to creating a Cheer Page again this year, right after I thank my coworker for reminding me to participate.

YOU can stand with us as a Defender of Potential on Wednesday, May 22nd through your donation during Omaha Gives! All day long, you can donate to BBBS at the Omaha Gives! website and empower youth to reach their full potential and strive to achieve more in their lives.

Want to make more of an impact? Creating a Cheer Page gives you the opportunity to share your personal story as a Big in our program, why you choose to support BBBS and/or the impact our mission has on those in our community. Visit the Omaha Gives! website today to create your Cheer Page!

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