Amy & JayCee

Big Sister Amy & Little Sister JayCee
Match Date: February 16, 2018

Amy is good at taking advantage of community and agency activities so they like to do a mix of everything together. Going to the movies, volunteering with the Salvation Army and participating in a Home Depot building activity are just a few things they’ve done. For JayCee’s birthday, Amy took her to go horseback riding and JayCee said, “It was the best thing in the world!”

Amy goes above and beyond to find free and interesting activities for her and JayCee to do which has also helps her try new things. JayCee had been wanting to learn how to ride a bike for some time but she didn’t have one of her own. Amy took her to the Community Bike Project Omaha where she not only learned all about how to ride a bike but she went home with her own bike too! JayCee’s mom says, “Amy is great and JayCee loves her to death.”

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