Cassandra & Natalie

Big Sister Cassandra & Little Sister Natalie
Match Date: June 7, 2018

Cassandra and Natalie’s favorite activities are playing volleyball and being around animals. As a Pediatric Resident, Cassandra is the definition of busy; but she’s been able to maintain a consistency of meeting with Natalie that lets her know that she’ll always be there for her. She went on a month-long trip to Africa for her residency and still made time, factoring in the time difference, to FaceTime with Natalie. Cassandra also sent Natalie a postcard with an elephant on it as well, one of her favorite animals.

They are currently working on finding a volunteer opportunity they can do together; something that is really important to Natalie’s mom. So, if anyone has any ideas please leave a comment below, they are both fully onboard! Cassandra encourages Natalie to pursue whatever dreams she has and is willing to work around any obstacles Natalie may face in the process. Now that she is starting her fellowship, she will have even more time to spend with Natalie.

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