Geri & Natalya

Big Sister Geri & Little Sister Natalya
Match Date: May 5, 2019

From the minute they first met, everything just clicked! It’s like they’ve known each other their whole lives; they look forward to every time they are scheduled to meet up. They like to do a variety of activities together from arts & crafts, going out to eat, seeing a movie to shopping, running errands, going to agency activities and so on.

Geri has been consistent presence in Natalya’s life since they’ve been matched, meeting nearly every week. The times when Geri is out of town and they’re unable to meet in-person, Geri gets of FaceTime with Natalya or brings her back souvenirs from her trip. Natalya’s Dad is responsive to any calls/texts about the match and appreciates everything Geri is doing with his daughter. Geri says, “Natalya has changed my life so much, I absolutely love her! Thank you so much for matching me with her. I think she is having a bigger impact on me than I am on her! It has really been a blessing.”

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