Harrison & Anthony

Big Brother Harrison & Little Brother Anthony
Match Date: October 24, 2018

Little Brother Anthony and long-time Bowl For Kids’ Sake supporter & Big Brother, Harrison, have been matched for over a year now and are familiar faces around the agency. They love coming to #BBBSM match activities, going to movies, the zoo and getting ice cream. However, one of their favorite activities is going to DoSpace to the free classes they offer. So often they’re now on a first-name basis with the instructors!

Outside of those activities, they are always taking advantage of the many donated tickets to events and discounts with our community partners. Harrison goes above and beyond with planning ahead and making sure they have a new course at DoSpace or a new activity to try. When asked about his time with Harrison on one of his first calls with Danny, Anthony said, “Harrison is a good man.” Such a cool thing to hear coming from an 11-year-old!

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