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National Coming Out Day

Big Brothers Big Sisters envisions an inclusive and welcoming Omaha metro for all youth to succeed. But, for many, our community can be a scary and hateful place.

This Coming Out Day, we want kids to know we are here for them. Just like the hundreds of mentors across the community, we will stand with you no matter what. We are here to support you and uplift you no matter the stage in your Coming Out journey.

For many LGBTQ+ youth, coming out can bring a rush of relief. When youth receive the positive support of parents, mentors and other trusted adults, they can often live satisfying and healthy lives. The younger a person is when they acknowledge a non-heterosexual identity, the fewer internal and external resources they are likely to have. That’s why Big Brothers Big Sisters matches openly LGBTQ+ youth with openly LGBTQ+ mentors. Being an openly LGBTQ+ kid takes bravery and extra support from those close to them.

In honor of National Coming Out Day, BBBSM celebrates all who have come out as LGBTQ+, and we send positivity to those still finding their true colors.