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Big Interview: Jade

By Carlie Boswell, Enrollment and Match Coordinator

As an Enrollment and Match Coordinator, I have the pleasure of interviewing Bigs and Littles before they are matched in the program. Jade’s interview was one of my firsts. His personality and humor immediately spilled out of him after we introduced ourselves. I left the interview so excited and energized to find a Little Brother for him. He is one of my favorite Big Brothers and I love to see the friendship grow between him and his Little Brother. He has been matched with Noah for a year and a half and their stories will make anyone laugh! Jade and I caught up to talk about his experience as a Big Brother thus far.

Why did you want to become a mentor?

Kids are seriously the best! They’re at such a wonderful point in their lives, and that’s something I really wanted to be a part of!

Why did you choose Big Brothers Big Sister to volunteer with?

I think their mission is super important in a way not a lot of people realize. I still think back every so often to adults that made me feel respected, I could trust them! Sometimes, all it takes to make a difference is to be a friend!

What was the process of matching like for you?

Honestly, super easy! As I recall, I was matched in like a week! I was certainly nervous at first, but after a half hour of getting to know my little I was like “Yeah, I need to keep doing this! This rules!”

What is your Little Brother like?

Oh man! Oh man! Noah is so cool, he’s seriously so rad! He has this unbreakable sense of humor and optimism that is so hard to find these days. He’s not even remotely afraid to be himself, 100% at all times! The conversations that we have are so special to me, because we can both be as goofy as we want! Which is VERY goofy!

What is your favorite memory with your Little Brother?

It’s beyond difficult for me to pick one memory as being above the others! I know that’s probably not the answer you were looking for, but I have so much fun with Noah every time we hang out. Our entire match is my favorite memory!

What have you gained from your relationship with him?

I get such an intense feeling of fulfillment! It’s so hard to describe but it’s really one of the best feelings ever, he reminds me so much of myself when I was a kid, and I’m so pumped to see the kind of person he becomes!

What recommendations would you have for someone wanting to be a Big?

If you’re on the fence…do it! It just takes that one final leap, one small action that can lead to years of wonderful memories!

As you can see, Jade and Noah have a lot of fun together! It is wonderful to see a child be able to be goofy and build a great friendship through mutual silliness!