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Big Brother Nate & Little Brother Jacob
Match Date: October 26, 2016

Jacob & Nate hit it off right away sharing a mutual bond of both of their fathers being from India. Nate said, “I didn’t expect how comparable our friendship would be to the ones I have with people my own age. Whether it’s real topics or just joking around, we learn from each other and have great conversations. We’ve even introduced each other to new experiences I don’t think we would have otherwise realized we enjoyed.”

Jacob and Nate like to stay pretty active whenever they meet up. They like to go to DefyGravity and play sports like basketball and tennis. They even got to meet former Cornhusker and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers Line Backer, LaVonte David, at a match activity before. Jacob said, “We have a good time and a lot in common. We have not disagreed or had any arguments. Our relationship is good.”